Graphic Martha’s Vineyard suite

Martha’s Vineyard is literally one of my favorite places for a weekend getaway, family vacation and of course, for a wedding. There is something extremely old world about only being able to arrive via boat; it’s lends itself to a certain romance. I also appreciate Martha’s Vineyard for it’s versatile of style. I’ve done a few Vineyard weddings now and each one is more different than the next. With many different personalities, the Vineyard really lends itself to inspired designs.

Our new Vineyard suite is going in a more graphic direction. I’ve been having a moment with this style of design over the course of the last year. As much as I love hand illustrating, digital illustration also creates a great look. Inspired by retro travel posters, this suite embraces the classic red and blues that are so traditionally nautical and puts a modern spin on them. The illustration style is very graphic but then distressed a bit in photoshop to add a rustic element to it.

With this suite, we focused on the idea of a moment. Each piece in this suite focuses on a different Vineyard moment. Collectively, it tells the story of “their” Martha’s Vineyard. The map is always a fan fav {I personally love Jaws just hanging in the bottom right corner- classic!} I really love this suite for it’s personality and bold, graphic style.

MV graphic_1

MV graphic_2

MV graphic_3

MV graphic_4

MV graphic_5

PS- Hey Christine! Thanks for reading

New SCD maps for Paperless Post!

Alright folks, I have to say I am pretty excited to share this one! For almost a year, I’ve been partners with Paperless Post and I truly love it. I think it’s such a creative and great way to achieve fine stationery in about… oh, 3 minutes. It’s totally brilliant. In addition to our holiday work we have together, I created 8 illustrated maps of their top cities to use with Paperless Post. Our SCD maps have been pretty popular so I thought it might be fun to create a new version that is less custom and more neutral for anyone to use. I am smitten with the end result. It was fun to sit down and research each one of these great cities. Some I have visited while others are now officially on my list of places to go!

These are great for a quick hello or even a save the date. Hoping to expand to more cities soon!

Martha’s Vineyard Map

Creating custom maps is never dull! I love finding out people’s favorite spots and getting to know about the new cities and fun places. I’ve had a number of Martha’s Vineyard brides, but compared to my familiarity with its good ole neighbor Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard is a bit like uncharted territory for me! I love the rustic vibe to this watercolor based save the date, especially since so many island weddings are completely nautically oriented. It was fun to put the little cows on there next to the couple’s venue and I thought the Farmer’s Market was a great addition. My favorite detail? Their personalized flag from the tent!

Leaf Magazine: GO AUSTIN

Remember this map for Leaf Magazine’s first issue? Well it now has a sister, helllooooo Austin! Leaf just launched issue number two and it’s a real looker. This issue is full of Spring ideas and amazing colors, I read it last night and was so inspired to do something “outdoorsy”.  For this issue’s GO Section, I created a map to spotlight Austin, Texas, highlighting all the green and garden friendly locals in the area. Well done Leaf!

original map


LEAF magazine

I am so excited to be a contributor to the new online magazine, LEAF. Leaf focuses on designing outdoors, as well as community, green living and a lot more. I was immediately attracted to their mission and their magazine. Not to mention they are incredibly lovely people to work with.

I will be creating their custom maps for the GO Section of the magazine. This section chronicles a new town in each issue, highlighting all the eco / green friendly places in the city. The first city was Boston {hometown! go sowxxx} I wanted to keep it fun and fresh with a limited color palette. Each city will have it’s own color. I’m excited to start working on the next issue!

here is the original map

Custom Tote Bags

One of my favorite day of details is creating a custom tote bag that can match back to your wedding collateral. It makes a perfect out-of-towner bag and is a great way to greet your guests and set the tone for a fantastic weekend. They are also great for any small business, custom branding or any other little project you might be cooking up. These can be 100% customized to your liking- I am a big fan of these cute little guys.

Mighty Goods

I wanted to say a special thank you to the great site, Mighty Goods, for featuring our hand painted, full custom maps. I love these maps for so many reasons, but first and foremost I love how personal and custom they are to each couple. We offer a variation of map designs so certainly don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss what option suits you best. Happy long weekend!

Oui Oui! Provence Map

Whoa- radio silence folks! We are in the middle of peak wedding season so focus has been on getting all the jobs out and not on my little blog. {blog: yeah… I’ve noticed. You don’t call. You don’t write} I have been working with some of the nicest, most creative couples out there so I can’t wait to start sharing some of these great projects! But in the meantime, here is a great map of Provence done for a lovely client. She is getting them printed on tote bags for all of her guests, what a lovely way to set the tone for what is sure to be a fabulous Fronccch wedding weekend!

California Love

This little guy is our mini map, mini map meet the blog. This was done for my client, Claudia, who is going to get this printed on tea towels as gifts for her wedding guests. How cute and creative. Tea towels are such a great way to offer your guests something memorable but keep costs done. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

For the Dudes

I doubt many guys are reading this blog, let’s be honest. But a lot of girls are and those girls have brothers, husbands, boyfriends, friends that are guys.  Ah…we need a map for the dudes- and that is what I got when I worked with Annie. She wanted a map for her husband but was looking for a hybrid between the watercolor style and the digital style.  So we came up with a nice combo of the two. It has a nice neutral feel to it. I love how this turned out, it’s simple and classic- a perfect gift for her husband. Thanks Annie!

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