Custom Tote Bags

One of my favorite day of details is creating a custom tote bag that can match back to your wedding collateral. It makes a perfect out-of-towner bag and is a great way to greet your guests and set the tone for a fantastic weekend. They are also great for any small business, custom branding or any other little project you might be cooking up. These can be 100% customized to your liking- I am a big fan of these cute little guys.

Mighty Goods

I wanted to say a special thank you to the great site, Mighty Goods, for featuring our hand painted, full custom maps. I love these maps for so many reasons, but first and foremost I love how personal and custom they are to each couple. We offer a variation of map designs so certainly don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss what option suits you best. Happy long weekend!

Oui Oui! Provence Map

Whoa- radio silence folks! We are in the middle of peak wedding season so focus has been on getting all the jobs out and not on my little blog. {blog: yeah… I’ve noticed. You don’t call. You don’t write} I have been working with some of the nicest, most creative couples out there so I can’t wait to start sharing some of these great projects! But in the meantime, here is a great map of Provence done for a lovely client. She is getting them printed on tote bags for all of her guests, what a lovely way to set the tone for what is sure to be a fabulous Fronccch wedding weekend!

For the Dudes

I doubt many guys are reading this blog, let’s be honest. But a lot of girls are and those girls have brothers, husbands, boyfriends, friends that are guys.  Ah…we need a map for the dudes- and that is what I got when I worked with Annie. She wanted a map for her husband but was looking for a hybrid between the watercolor style and the digital style.  So we came up with a nice combo of the two. It has a nice neutral feel to it. I love how this turned out, it’s simple and classic- a perfect gift for her husband. Thanks Annie!

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