Sanju + Rana :: A Vermont Love

Oh… hey internet, how ya been? Wow- what a winter it’s been around here. We’ve had our nose to the grindstone over the last few weeks getting all our Spring/Summer brides in order. It’s been awesome seeing all these great projects come to life! Since we’ve been a bit MIA recently, I thought it was about time we share a project from one of our 2013 clients, the lovely Sanju!

Sanju came to me with a vision! This girl knew what she wanted. Sanju had fallen in love with our Vermont suite and wanted to do her own take on the crest idea. We kept her suite really simple with just two pieces; a wedding invite and a double-sided details card. The invitation was worded as a personal letter from Sanju and her fiancĂ© Rana. I think this idea is so great and special. It allows you to personally invite your guests in your own words. In terms of the design, we kept this piece pretty simple letting the hand drawn border and crest be the stars. Because this wasn’t just a wedding but a full-on wedding weekend, we created an illustrated details card that broke down each day of the weekend with what events would be taking place. The back had the weekend details written out and directions to RSVP on the couples website. This is a great idea if you have lots of guests coming from overseas {which Rana and Sanju did} saving you the stress of relying on international post. Sanju wanted the piece to feel rustic and very Vermont but to still have fun pops of color that would come up throughout her day of. I love the playful feeling this piece gives off. It also makes me crave those crisp Fall days- but I’ll just focus on a temperature above 40 degrees for now…

vermont wedding_1

vermont wedding_2

vermont wedding_3

vermont wedding_4


Vermont Love: Hilary and Mo

Hilary and Mo got married last Fall in a barn in Dorset, Vermont. Their guests all stayed at the Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, Vermont. First of all- what an amazing hotel! This place has everything: {said like Stefan from SNL}– a spa, clay shooting, hiking, yoga and even falconry- it’s a dream. Hilary and Mo could not have been a sweeter couple to work with. Their planner, Xochitl, from the amazing company AaB Creates, was a fantastic help and talent and together we all created a Wes Anderson inspired wedding suite to reflect both their personalities as well as the unique venue.

The entire suite was hand illustrated and printed flat on double thick Crane Lettra stock. We wanted it to have a sense of luxe to it so we let the paper bring that out. One of the main ideas Hilary and Mo brought to the table was concept of creating a “crest”. We didn’t want this to feel like Ye Olde Crest of England but more like what someone might get if Ralph Lauren and The Royal Tenenbaums had a baby- you follow? I started with the classic crest shape then added antlers to frame it up. Mo loves elephants so I added those in the middle with their hand lettered monogram. This became an image that they used through their day of. I had the RSVP card show the classic “Welcome to Vermont” sign that you see when entering the state. We decided to do a post card for the RSVP as it fit their overall feel and worked well. My personal favorite piece is the details card. On the front, I illustrated all the amazing things that the Equinox had to offer and on the back, it gave the guest a breakdown of the weekend’s schedule. The entire suite is wrapped in a rustic twine and topped off with a kraft hang tag with their crest printed on it. Overall, I love this suite as it’s classic without being stodgy or stuffy. Well done you two, congrats!

See some snaps of their wedding on the AaB blog here!

hil and mo_1

hil and mo_2

hil and mo_3

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