SCD Valentine’s Designs for Paperless Post

Happy Monday everyone! January made it’s presence known with a little snow this weekend in NYC. I am looking forward to cozy February when everything is red & pink and just cute enough to make you forget it’s winter. With love in the air I thought I’d share the new Valentine’s inspired designs I created for Paperless Post. The “double the love” design is my fav. I have a few other projects cooking with Paperless Post for the Spring so stayed tuned for those designs soon!

SCD for Paperless Post

It’s a familiar routine. You’ve been recipe scheming, developing a signature cocktail and perfecting your guest list for weeks. In the midst of all this activity, plans to pick up stamps and post your invites have been neglected. You realize your event is a week out as you glance at your calendar, shout a few choice expletives and feel a sinking sense of disappointment that your stylish invites may end up being a few sentences dashed off in a boring old email. Not so fast. Thankfully, Paperless Post exists.

Paperless Post is helping to bring the classic feel and personalized touch of custom stationery to the digital age by offering paperless announcements and invitations,  personalized to suit your needs, without sacrificing an iota of style or feeling the empty sense that your event details are just being plugged into a boring digital template. They have created and refined their own line of stationery and have taken the concept even further to pair with renowned designers like Enormous Champion, Mr. Boddingtons’s Nephew, BluePoolRoad and Linda & Harriett and now Swiss Cottage Designs. Paperless Post understands that the art of the letter doesn’t need to be lost in this modern age of online everything.

What I love most about Paperless Post is their commitment to upholding and respecting the personal feel and aesthetic draw of fine stationery and their refusal to think that simply because we’re in the age of bandwidth instead of paper stock, doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice any of our taste. When they approached me about creating a line for them, I could not possibly have said “YES!” any faster.  I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve created over 35 custom designs for the fall/winter season. While my deep love for paper goods, the tactile richness of letterpress and obsession for adorable stamps will never leave me, you have to admit: stationery in the digital age never looked so good!