Farm Fresh :: Kelly & Sean

Working with Kelly and Sean was like working with your brother and sister. Right away we were cracking jokes and making fun of one another- it was very refreshing. Kelly and Sean are getting married in Maine and are making it a big ol’ party. They really wanted the invites to feel simple and clean yet creative and reflective of who they are as a couple. We used the brown kraft bag to hold everything together so it sat neatly in the envelope. We wanted to create a “seal” that they could use throughout their wedding day but we didn’t want it to feel like a stuffy monogram. We ended up using an illustration of their dog, Angel, and creating a cool linked initial icon at the bottom. Each bag was hand stamped with a custom rubber stamp. For the RSVP, I purchased some vintage seed packet artwork to help drive home the “farmers’ market” vibe we were going for. On the back, we had a standard RSVP post card for guests to send back. For the rehearsal dinner invitation, we wanted it to feel like it was written out on a chalkboard. I hand wrote everything with a graphite pencil {to get a better texture} and messed around with it in photoshop to create the board effect. I love the fresh simplicity of this invitation suite. It also really makes me want to hit up a farm stand for some corn.