Branding: Dupree & Co.

Man, we’ve been busy over here! July is a big month for design work, sorry for the radio silence! Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I can always count of my good friends, wine & cheese, to make me cheer up Charlie! So when Dupree & Company asked me to work on their branding, I really couldn’t say no. I mean, their shop is my idea of heaven! (all that cheese? stop.) The owner, Ethan, is a Brooklyn guy gone Islander. He opened his first shop on the island of Nantucket last year. I showed a little sneak peek of this design back in the Spring, but this June I was able to see the work in action.

Ethan wanted the logo to feel very French inspired but not too over the top. He also wanted to convey that it is a brick and mortar cheese shop. We created two main icons, a vintage cheese slicer and an actual cheese wheel. I think a common misconception with branding is that everything needs to “match” and I don’t think this is always the case. With Dupree & Co. we created two logo options and played with fonts and borders. We wanted it to feel well merchandised but not matchy matchy. The sign of a good logo is when it can be deconstructed to create more, simple logos.

Below are a few snaps of the shop and the work. Bravo Ethan!


I am a big fan of all things funky and vintage so when Kishani Perera got in touch with me about designing the site and logo for her new store, RUMMAGE, I couldn’t have been more excited. Rummage is a funky, eclectic assortment of all things vintage and are hand picked by Kishani. Kishani, who is an interior decorator by trade, knew exactly what she was looking for in terms of look and feel. We wanted to make the overall site feel very vintage glam but still be user friendly and simple. Sometimes when you collaborate with other designers it can be tough given that you both have strong ideas but with Kishani it was incredibly easy. There was lots of great back and forth and fun ideas flowing throughout the process. While I designed the layout and feel of the site, it took the magic of Josh at Every Angle Media to make it a full on functioning site.

If you’re ever in L.A. you must be sure to pop by and check out all the little treasures RUMMAGE has to offer.

Here is the original inspiration board that Kishani and I started with…