Our House…

…Is a very, very, very fine house. CSNY- always good! Another lovely home poster for you. It’s great how versatile these posters are. It is always fun when a client places an order and we determine how to make it theirs. I love what everyone is coming up with, enjoy!

Poster Madness

I wanted to share a few custom posters I have done recently. These posters are perfect because you can use them for any occasion. In this lot alone I have two wedding gifts, a hostess gift and a housewarming gift. It’s great how easily these can turn in to whatever the event may call for. Each poster comes in an 11″ x 14″ frame and can be printed to size or 8″ x 10″ with a matte. Not too big but just enough!

This one was created as a wedding gift for a couple. Their first song was “Something” by the Beatles. Cute, right?

You are…where?

A great project I have been working on for a few different clients are custom “Where are you from?” posters. What I love about them is that they are completely customizable and different than any other gift. You can give them to commemorate a favorite vacation spot, an anniversary, the starting of a new family or just to celebrate your home.

The one above was done for a client’s parents. They vacation every summer at Cape Elizabeth but chose to call out the Summer of 2009 because that is when the couple got engaged. If you’re looking for a great gift, email for a custom price quote!

The perfect gift

I always struggle with wedding/shower gifts. I understand the point of a registry but I find them so boring. I try to give something personal and unique that the couple has never seen before. My oldest friend got engaged this past summer and while trying to think of what to get them I came up with this great idea. The couple had an engagement shoot and she sent me some of the pictures. I took one and turned it into a stylish silhouette and put their initials and wedding date in the corner. I bought a classic black frame for it to compliment the simplicity of the design. This has now become my go to gift. It’s simple and chic and can be customized for any couple in their colors, style and silhouette. If you’re interested in receiving a custom quote for this gift please email me for more details!

Classic and simple black & white

I love this one for the bright colors and fonts

This one is great because it’s cut off at both ends and really focuses on the couple holding hands. Plus those colors are fantastic!