It take TWO: My save the date

Alas! I am finally sharing pictures of our save the date. I’ve promised this roughly 8 times so far, so I’m happy to finally deliver on this. Ok, so first things first- designing for yourself is pretty weird, hard, stressful but also so much fun. It’s kind of a crazy to be your own client. There were no rounds of edits, no brainstorms… nothing. I was able to put pen to paper and create my vision which was actually incredibly liberating! As a designer, I am inspired by so many things but when it came down to my own save the dates, I ended up keeping it more about the details and less about big illustrations and typography.

In terms of my inspiration here, well, it was the poet {aka 90’s rapper} Rob Base who actually gave me the idea. I was walking to the supermarket one day and walked past a guy selling mix tapes and “It Takes Two” was blaring over his boombox and immediately it hit me: what a perfect idea for a save the date. If you don’t know the song, I suggest you do yourself a favor and watch the video here. You can thank me later. My fiancĂ© Paul and I are sort of music dorks {among being just general dorks} and I’m slightly obsessed with 90’s rap so this was the perfect idea for us. I drew a retro boombox and added some small details in to personalize it to us. On the details insert, I drew a pair of old school headphones and had the wire create a little heart. Come on- every save the date needs a little cheese. On the night we got engaged my sister took this picture of us and I felt it perfectly captured who we are as a couple so we wanted to throw that in the mix because we are a. vain and b. think it’s kind of funny. I created the mini buttons you see in the pictures and put them across the bottom of our photo. My friends and family LOVED the buttons and have been wearing them on their coats, bags, etc. which was really fun to see.

I saw the boxed mailers at Paper Source and thought that would be a cool way to send out our save the dates. I will say this, it requires a fair bit of postage {almost $3.00} so certainly something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using a box. I created mailing labels that also doubled as a way to keep the box shut {printed on crack and peel stock}. I wrapped the entire set in silver tissue and created a striped belly band to seal the deal. All in all, a great first taste of what our wedding will be like. Now, stay tuned for the invites!