A lovely Cape Cod Wedding :: Greer + Austin

The lovely Greer and Austin were married this past October in Cape Cod. When most people think of the Cape, they think of starfish, sand dollars, whales… all of those somewhat cliche nautical elements. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting a whale on pretty much anything but sometimes it’s just nice to stray away from the norm. Since Greer was having an October wedding, she wanted to focus more on her Autumnal color scheme vs. a classic Cape vibe which I really appreciated. She was very inspired by her flowers and that dictated most of our colors and design direction. I created an inspired border made up of flowers she was using at her actual wedding. The entire suite was painted in watercolor, helping to keep the look light. If you look closely in the border, you can see a few nods to Cape culture {mussels, a seahorse, some shells and a tiny anchor…} but we kept that a minimum. I mixed hand lettering with some typefaces to help the copy compliment the softness of the watercolor. The couple was having their rehearsal dinner at a Cape Cod institution, The Lobster Pot, in Provincetown {which is a town located at the very end of Massachusetts}. This is the kind of place that all the locals know and the facade looks like it hasn’t changed since the 60’s. For the rehearsal dinner invite, I knew I wanted to play off that authenticity. I hand drew this piece with pen but added in pops of red to tie it back to the invite. Even though the invite was created  in a different style, I love how these two pieces still compliment one another. This suite still feels like a Cape Cod wedding without having to play into the obvious. Greer and Austin were such a wonderful couple to work with and full of great inspiration, which I think really comes through in their suite.