Illustrated Love: Jorie & Hal

Sometimes you get to work with those clients who are just so easy, fun, creative and cool.  Jorie and Hal are all of the above. Everything we worked on got comments like “this is so uber rad…” or “Rock out!!!!” It is so great to work with clients who are just as enthusiastic about the work as you are. Makes for some really amazing work.

Jorie and Hal are getting married in Vermont and are having an indie classic {just made that term up- roll with it} wedding on her Mom’s property on Lake Champlain. Jorie really wanted the invites to feel warm, engaging and above all fun. This couple has lived all over together and love the adventures they have shard. We decided to tell their story through a panel invite suite. Each panel shows a different time in their life as a couple, ending with them on the property where they will be married.

What I love most about this suite is that it’s one piece of paper. It’s very compact and a great fit for the low key Bride & Groom looking to keep it simple. The RSVP is a post card that you trim and send back to your guests- love that. So many fun bits in this suite: from the rainbow socks Jorie is wearing with her kickball uniform to the little map details on the back. I am really happy with how this turned out. Good luck Jorie & Hal!