‘Gram It.

My new favorite form of social media is hands down Instagram. I am a little slow to draw when it comes to social media but I finally broke down when my friend Jenna convinced me to start posting more on it this past summer. Now I’m totally hooked. It’s so fun to jump on and get a burst of inspiration from all the amazingly creative people I follow. Here are a few snaps from our recent ‘grams {yes, I’m that corny}. If you’re feeling you need some more SCD in your life, you can follow us @swisscottagedesigns

editing photos of our new projects- stay tuned for more pics on those!

Washi Tape assembly line for some wedding invites

The most incredible wedding gift ever from the wildly talented Love, Jenna

Cute buttons for a client’s day of elements complete with their custom logo

A snippet of my inspiration board {which is growing into an inspiration WALL}