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vermont wedding_1

Sanju + Rana :: A Vermont Love

Oh… hey internet, how ya been? Wow- what a winter it’s been around here. We’ve had our nose to the grindstone over the last few weeks getting all our Spring/Summer brides in order. It’s been awesome seeing all these great projects come to life! Since we’ve been a bit MIA recently, I thought it was […]

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camp wedding_4

Laura + Sam :: Vermont Camp Wedding

When a client calls you and immediately hits you with their dry, witty sense of humor then peppers in the fact that she met her future husband in jail during college, you know you’re in for a good one. Laura and Sam are quite possibly the coolest couple ever. They wanted their wedding to be […]

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cape wedding_6

Lindsey + Adam’s Cape Cod Wedding

And we’re back! I’m so excited to start 2014 with this fantastic Cape Cod wedding! Given my Massachusetts roots, I’m a sucker for the Cape. I love the rustic, nautical vibe but without all the cheesy details. Lindsey is your classic Massachusetts girl with a stylish edge so it was a great platform for creating […]

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1 year later :: MY WEDDING

Well… it’s hard to believe by my one year anniversary is coming up this Sunday. We were married last December 8, 2012 here in Brooklyn. Given that it’s been almost a year I figured it was time to share a few pictures from our wedding! Going through the whole wedding process really helped me to […]

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A lovely Cape Cod Wedding :: Greer + Austin

The lovely Greer and Austin were married this past October in Cape Cod. When most people think of the Cape, they think of starfish, sand dollars, whales… all of those somewhat cliche nautical elements. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting a whale on pretty much anything but sometimes it’s just nice to stray away […]

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MV graphic_4

Graphic Martha’s Vineyard suite

Martha’s Vineyard is literally one of my favorite places for a weekend getaway, family vacation and of course, for a wedding. There is something extremely old world about only being able to arrive via boat; it’s lends itself to a certain romance. I also appreciate Martha’s Vineyard for it’s versatile of style. I’ve done a […]

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tahoe_1 copy

Lake Tahoe Wedding :: Kristen + Austin

Wahoo! This is one of my absolute favorite suites from 2013 so far. I may be biased as it was done for my lovely sister and new brother-in-law, but nepotism aside, this is still a goody! This suite was inspired by 1950′s Lake Tahoe with a modern twist: so think Rat Pack, martinis and camping […]

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Classic Casino

I love when someone’s venue really drives the inspiration for their suite. Brynn and Scott were married this past May at the Canfield Casino right in the heart of charming downtown Saratoga Springs, New York. When you hear Casino, most likely you think of Vegas and or a sad river boat… fear not my friends! […]

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ali 01

Ali + Sean :: Cape May Wedding

Sometimes the stars align and you just click with your clients and all is right in the little world of stationery. This reigns true for Ali and Sean who were one of my absolute favorite client’s from last years wedding season. The couple had a fantastic beach inspired wedding in their adopted home of Cape […]

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Andy Warhol inspired wedding invites

I remember sitting in my high school art class and my teacher {hey Mr. Coughlin!} started educating us a little bit about art history and some of the “superstars” of the art world. As a suburban kid growing up without a terrible amount of culture, my favorite artists were limited to the likes of Mary […]

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