From the sketchbook…

One of the most exciting projects I have going on right now is a children’s book I am illustrating. I am collaborating with a ridiculously talented author who I was put in touch with through a friend. I love bringing his words to life. It’s so fun to create a fictional environment out of your imagination. Once the illustrations are complete the book will be turned into a mobile application that you can buy for your iphones and ipads- very cool. Here are a few early glances…

and my messy paint tray… some of that paint is from Senior year in college. May be time for a clean up.

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  1. Posted by pvl on April 25, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    i love the look of these illustrations. they have a very unique, friendly feel to them. i can see kids really reacting positively to these drawings.

    the last picture is really cool. your paint tray is trippy!


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